Friday, 26 July 2013

Hair Transplant can surely enhance the way you appear

In today's world the stem cell hair transplant are surely gaining popularity each passing day. It includes strip grafts, slit grafts, micro-grafts, mini-grafts and punch grafts procedures resulting into a modest change in the fullness of the hair. On the other hand, skin flaps, scalp reduction and tissue expansion are also procedures performed on patients who are looking for a major change.

What causes hair loss

Aging of course is a reason however family history or hormonal changes are major contributors too. Baldness is more severe if the hair loss begins early. Even trauma or burns can lead to hair loss. Invariably, hair replacement surgery is advised in such cases. Such procedures have been performed for many years now, so there is nothing to be really worried about if a surgeon deems them suitable for you.

Hair replacement procedures go a long way in enhancing the appearance and self-confidence of an individual. However, it is paramount that one discusses the expectations from the surgery beforehand with the doctor. Hair replacement technique would normally use your existing hair for the procedure. The purpose of some of the surgical procedures is to determine the efficient uses for your existing hair.

Who fits the bill for the right person for hair replacement?

Having healthy hair growth on the sides and back of the head is certainly good to serve as donor areas. The donor areas on the head serve as the places from which flaps and grafts are taken. Other factors like texture, hair color and curliness or waviness affect the results of the surgical procedures. Different techniques can be used in replacing the hair surgically. Combining of two or more methods can also be incorporated for getting better results. Nevertheless, patients with little hair may not be advised to undertake hair replacement surgery.

Hair transplant is notably an individualized treatment. For purposes of ensuring that the surgical options are available for you, it is important to find doctors with a vast experience in undertaking different types of replacement and tissue expansion. Therefore, you can consider looking elsewhere in case a particular doctor informs you that they have perfected one technique. Click here to know more.

During the first consultation, the surgeon evaluates the hair growth as well as the loss. A thorough review of your family history may be done too, this is essentially to understand what is the main cause of the receding hairline. The surgeon also inquires about your lifestyle and discusses your expectations and limits for surgery.

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