Monday, 29 July 2013

Plastic Surgery - Procedures That Are Performed To Ensure The Best Results

If one is not happy with the way he/she looks or wants to transform their body as per their desires, all this is very much possible these days. And a very simple, non-invasive surgery is all that will be needed to do this. And not just women, even men are opting for plastic surgery India to rectify what they think can better their overall appearance. Women like to go for breast augmentation to get back their figure and men normally want to trim up their waistline.

These are some common plastic surgery techniques:

Liposuction Technique

If we talk about an ideal male body, it means a broad chest, broad shoulders, flat abdomen, a trim waistline and so on. However if we look around the reality is that with each passing year fat tends to accumulate all around and it not that rosy picture anymore. To get rid of the stubborn fat around the body, men prefer to undergo Liposuction procedure. Men who have loose hanging skin and areas of excess fat can opt for the more traditional excision procedures, in addition to the liposuction procedures.

For males who have hanging abdominal muscles or loose abdominal skin, they can benefit from tummy tuck or full abdominoplasty. The surgical procedure helps in removing excess fat and tightens the abdominal wall muscles. Men with good skin elasticity featuring moderate levels of abdominal fat can benefit greatly from the liposuction alone.

Facelift Procedure

Facelift is a great surgical way to get rid of signs of aging for both men & women who are bothered by them. Rhytidectomy is the medical term used to define this procedure. This surgical procedure can do wonders to remove signs of aging from both the face & neck:

• Mid-face sagging

• Formation of deep creases in the lower eyelids

• Deep creases on the nose that extend to the mouth corners

• Fat that is displaced

• Excess fatty deposits and loose skin under the jaw and chin that makes persons with normal weight to appear as if they have double chins

• Loss of the tone of muscles along the lower face that may create jowls

A facelift is a restorative surgical procedure that does not change the fundamental appearance of an individual. Furthermore, it does not stop the aging process. Therefore, a facelift is performed surgically because non-surgical rejuvenation procedures do not achieve good results. This procedure will work best for: Want More

• People with considerably good physical health

• People who are not into incessant smoking

Individuals with both a positive outlook and realistic expectation from this procedure

Friday, 26 July 2013

Male Breast Reduction Helps In Correcting Enlarged Breasts

For correcting enlarged or over developed breasts in males, Male Breast Reduction in India is the surgical technique. The condition of enlarged or over developed breasts is common in men of all ages. The over growth can be a result of side effects of a drug, disease, heredity or even hormonal.

The nature of breast enlargement

An enlarged breast in a male can lead to self-confidence as well as emotional discomfort. This implies that such males will like to avoid physical intimacy and any tasks that require them to show being macho. This condition is called gynaecomastia in medical terms.

It is characterized by:

• Overdeveloped glandular tissue

• High accumulation of localized fat in the breast region

• Accumulation of both excess fat and glandular tissue

Gynaecomastia can take form in both the breasts (bilateral) or even in single breast (unilateral). The essence is to keep in mind that Gynaecomastia should be performed keeping in mind truly individual needs. The procedures should not be performed to fit in what may be described as the ideal image for social fulfillment.

Recommendation of the procedures

These surgical procedures are a good option for anybody with relatively normal weight and persons who are physically healthy. Furthermore, the procedures are recommended for persons with realistic expectations. They are also an ideal option for men whose developments of breast have stabilized. In case you are bothered by feelings that one or both of your breasts are large you can consider this important surgical procedure.

Adolescents may also benefit from these surgical procedures although secondary surgical procedures may be performed in the future in case the breast development continues. Gynaecomastia is usually performed for men who have not been able to benefit from alternative methods of medical treatment. The corrections are also performed best on healthy people who are free from life threatening medical conditions or illness that are likely to impair healing.

Corrections are performed on non-drug users and non-smokers. Moreover, the procedures are performed best on men with a specific goal or positive outlook in mind.

Setting expectations

The safety and success of the surgical procedures depend highly on how candid you are during the consultation. The consultation may involve questions about the lifestyle, health, expectations etc. Therefore, be ready to discuss the reasons you are seeking the surgery. Continue Reading

Be clear on what you desire and what are the expectations that you foresee from this. Furthermore, you will need to discuss any medical treatments, drug allergies and medical conditions. You should be ready to discuss previous surgeries, use of vitamins, current medications, alcohol, herbal supplements, drugs, tobacco including steroids. This information is going to be very valuable for any surgeon and he/she can devise the best course of treatment for you.

Hair Transplant can surely enhance the way you appear

In today's world the stem cell hair transplant are surely gaining popularity each passing day. It includes strip grafts, slit grafts, micro-grafts, mini-grafts and punch grafts procedures resulting into a modest change in the fullness of the hair. On the other hand, skin flaps, scalp reduction and tissue expansion are also procedures performed on patients who are looking for a major change.

What causes hair loss

Aging of course is a reason however family history or hormonal changes are major contributors too. Baldness is more severe if the hair loss begins early. Even trauma or burns can lead to hair loss. Invariably, hair replacement surgery is advised in such cases. Such procedures have been performed for many years now, so there is nothing to be really worried about if a surgeon deems them suitable for you.

Hair replacement procedures go a long way in enhancing the appearance and self-confidence of an individual. However, it is paramount that one discusses the expectations from the surgery beforehand with the doctor. Hair replacement technique would normally use your existing hair for the procedure. The purpose of some of the surgical procedures is to determine the efficient uses for your existing hair.

Who fits the bill for the right person for hair replacement?

Having healthy hair growth on the sides and back of the head is certainly good to serve as donor areas. The donor areas on the head serve as the places from which flaps and grafts are taken. Other factors like texture, hair color and curliness or waviness affect the results of the surgical procedures. Different techniques can be used in replacing the hair surgically. Combining of two or more methods can also be incorporated for getting better results. Nevertheless, patients with little hair may not be advised to undertake hair replacement surgery.

Hair transplant is notably an individualized treatment. For purposes of ensuring that the surgical options are available for you, it is important to find doctors with a vast experience in undertaking different types of replacement and tissue expansion. Therefore, you can consider looking elsewhere in case a particular doctor informs you that they have perfected one technique. Click here to know more.

During the first consultation, the surgeon evaluates the hair growth as well as the loss. A thorough review of your family history may be done too, this is essentially to understand what is the main cause of the receding hairline. The surgeon also inquires about your lifestyle and discusses your expectations and limits for surgery.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Cosmetic Surgery gets your body back in shape

Best cosmetic surgery in India is known to improve an individual's appearance by using both surgical and non-surgical techniques which inturn boast up one's self confidence. A person with realistic expectations and a positive outlook can be a good candidate for the cosmetic procedures, since they help to improve the way that he or she will view him or herself. Some of the popular surgical procedures include breast reductions and tummy tucks.

Breast reduction

Breast reduction popularly called reduction mammaplasty, helps in removing excess breast fat, skin, and glandular tissue to achieve a breast size that is proportional to the size of the body. This implies getting rid of both the discomfort and the embarrassment associated with unduly large breasts.

Overly large breasts have a history of causing many women to experience both emotional and health problems. The weight of large breast tissues can interfere with the spine and it can make it hard for a woman to breathe. Such procedures are more of a personal choice and should not be undergone simply due to other people's opinion. If you decide to go through the procedure, consider that breast reduction is recommended for women who:

• Are bothered by the fact that their breasts are overly large

• Are physically healthy

• Do not smoke

• Believe in having realistic expectations

• Have breasts that limit their physical activity

• Their large breast frequently cause shoulder, back and neck pain

• Experience skin irritation underneath the breast

• Have breasts that hang low, with stretched skin

• Have enlarged areola resulting from stretched skin

• Have nipples that lie below the crease, particularly when the breasts are unsupported

Tummy tuck Procedure

Assisting in removing both excess fat and skin from the body, abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is as such very popular. It helps restore segregated or weakened muscles and results in a relatively smoother and firm abdomen area. It is quite common to see people who even after routine exercising do not get a well toned flat abdomen. So, one can see people with normal bodies developing a somewhat disproportionate body and disfigured shape.

The main causes of a loose abdomen include:

• Heredity

• Pregnancy

• Due to age

• After some surgery

• Significant weight fluctuations

Abdominoplasty is recommended for healthy people with a stable weight and those who do not smoke. If you are recovering from a c-section procedure, it is not recommended for you. Continue Reading

The results of a tummy tuck can be permanent; however, the results can be undermined by fluctuations in weight. Therefore, people planning to lose weight or women considering future pregnancies can be advised against the abdominoplasty surgery.