Friday, 26 July 2013

Male Breast Reduction Helps In Correcting Enlarged Breasts

For correcting enlarged or over developed breasts in males, Male Breast Reduction in India is the surgical technique. The condition of enlarged or over developed breasts is common in men of all ages. The over growth can be a result of side effects of a drug, disease, heredity or even hormonal.

The nature of breast enlargement

An enlarged breast in a male can lead to self-confidence as well as emotional discomfort. This implies that such males will like to avoid physical intimacy and any tasks that require them to show being macho. This condition is called gynaecomastia in medical terms.

It is characterized by:

• Overdeveloped glandular tissue

• High accumulation of localized fat in the breast region

• Accumulation of both excess fat and glandular tissue

Gynaecomastia can take form in both the breasts (bilateral) or even in single breast (unilateral). The essence is to keep in mind that Gynaecomastia should be performed keeping in mind truly individual needs. The procedures should not be performed to fit in what may be described as the ideal image for social fulfillment.

Recommendation of the procedures

These surgical procedures are a good option for anybody with relatively normal weight and persons who are physically healthy. Furthermore, the procedures are recommended for persons with realistic expectations. They are also an ideal option for men whose developments of breast have stabilized. In case you are bothered by feelings that one or both of your breasts are large you can consider this important surgical procedure.

Adolescents may also benefit from these surgical procedures although secondary surgical procedures may be performed in the future in case the breast development continues. Gynaecomastia is usually performed for men who have not been able to benefit from alternative methods of medical treatment. The corrections are also performed best on healthy people who are free from life threatening medical conditions or illness that are likely to impair healing.

Corrections are performed on non-drug users and non-smokers. Moreover, the procedures are performed best on men with a specific goal or positive outlook in mind.

Setting expectations

The safety and success of the surgical procedures depend highly on how candid you are during the consultation. The consultation may involve questions about the lifestyle, health, expectations etc. Therefore, be ready to discuss the reasons you are seeking the surgery. Continue Reading

Be clear on what you desire and what are the expectations that you foresee from this. Furthermore, you will need to discuss any medical treatments, drug allergies and medical conditions. You should be ready to discuss previous surgeries, use of vitamins, current medications, alcohol, herbal supplements, drugs, tobacco including steroids. This information is going to be very valuable for any surgeon and he/she can devise the best course of treatment for you.

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