Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Cosmetic Surgery gets your body back in shape

Best cosmetic surgery in India is known to improve an individual's appearance by using both surgical and non-surgical techniques which inturn boast up one's self confidence. A person with realistic expectations and a positive outlook can be a good candidate for the cosmetic procedures, since they help to improve the way that he or she will view him or herself. Some of the popular surgical procedures include breast reductions and tummy tucks.

Breast reduction

Breast reduction popularly called reduction mammaplasty, helps in removing excess breast fat, skin, and glandular tissue to achieve a breast size that is proportional to the size of the body. This implies getting rid of both the discomfort and the embarrassment associated with unduly large breasts.

Overly large breasts have a history of causing many women to experience both emotional and health problems. The weight of large breast tissues can interfere with the spine and it can make it hard for a woman to breathe. Such procedures are more of a personal choice and should not be undergone simply due to other people's opinion. If you decide to go through the procedure, consider that breast reduction is recommended for women who:

• Are bothered by the fact that their breasts are overly large

• Are physically healthy

• Do not smoke

• Believe in having realistic expectations

• Have breasts that limit their physical activity

• Their large breast frequently cause shoulder, back and neck pain

• Experience skin irritation underneath the breast

• Have breasts that hang low, with stretched skin

• Have enlarged areola resulting from stretched skin

• Have nipples that lie below the crease, particularly when the breasts are unsupported

Tummy tuck Procedure

Assisting in removing both excess fat and skin from the body, abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is as such very popular. It helps restore segregated or weakened muscles and results in a relatively smoother and firm abdomen area. It is quite common to see people who even after routine exercising do not get a well toned flat abdomen. So, one can see people with normal bodies developing a somewhat disproportionate body and disfigured shape.

The main causes of a loose abdomen include:

• Heredity

• Pregnancy

• Due to age

• After some surgery

• Significant weight fluctuations

Abdominoplasty is recommended for healthy people with a stable weight and those who do not smoke. If you are recovering from a c-section procedure, it is not recommended for you. Continue Reading

The results of a tummy tuck can be permanent; however, the results can be undermined by fluctuations in weight. Therefore, people planning to lose weight or women considering future pregnancies can be advised against the abdominoplasty surgery.

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